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Widermind provides a wide range of advanced IoT/5G/LTE/UMTS/GSM training and senior consultancy services to the professionals within the mobile telecom community.

In 37 countries world wide, more than 90 mobile operators along with the major equipment vendors and consultancy firms have benefited from Widermind training programs. The trainings are delivered in a variety of languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish.

4G / LTE Courses

Below all 4G courses are listed. For 5G, IoT and a sorting per technology, please see All courses.

  • LTE Radio Optimization with System Vendor Parameters – WM0073
  • LTE Performance Management with Vendors' Counters and KPIs – WM0079
  • VoLTE For Radio Engineers - Mobility Issues and EPS Signaling – WM0077
  • LTE Radio Planning Strategy- layered structures and interworking – WM0083
  • LTE Radio Network Planning – WM0086
  • LTE Advanced with Radio Planning Perspectives – WM0075
  • LTE Advanced and the Radio Interface – WM0063
  • LTE Radio Interface – WM0064
  • LTE Indoor Radio Planning – WM0059
  • IP-Backhaul for Mobile Networks - IP RAN Transmission – WM0141
  • IP-Based Transport for LTE & UMTS  – WM0062
  • IP-Based Transport for RAN – WM0049-B
  • Transmission Network Planning for GSM, UMTS and LTE – WM0082
  • QoS E2E in GSM, UMTS and LTE Networks – WM0042
  • EPC - Evolved Packet Core – WM0060-A
  • VoLTE with IMS Focus – WM0076
  • Core Network Planning - LTE/EPS and UMTS – WM0103-B
  • QoS in Mobile Networks - Core Network Focus – WM0084-A
  • LTE- Business Perspectives and the Technology – WM0041
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE Advanced Overview – WM0088
  • WiFi Offloading - LTE over WiFi – WM0076-A
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE Overview – WM0057
  • Security, Fraud and Hacking of GSM, UMTS and LTE Networks – WM0114-A
  • SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – WM0112-A
  • HSUPA, HSPA Evolved & LTE – WM0054
  • LTE Executive Seminar – WM0048
  • Bespoke Courses – 
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