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5G Radio Planning

Course Description

5G and Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming many industries and will create value for both businesses and their customers. The course “5G Radio Planning” is the sequel to the Widermind training “5G For Experienced Radio Engineers”. The course provides a deep technical walk-through of the challenges facing 5G radio planners and how to go about solving these issues. The course is based on 3GPP Rel-15. Rel-16 is expected to be completed in March 2020. The course will be continuously updated according to the new releases. With technical depth and the instructor’s vast personal experiences, The training “5G Radio planning” guides the participants through the 5G system and its functionality. All along the training, as the different parts of the system are hi-lighted, important parameters and their respective settings for optimal performance are discussed. The training is customized to your choice of vendor/vendors.


5G Radio Planning
  • Split-bearer in NSA (DL/UL)
  • LTE anchor selection
  • UL coverage extension features
  • Frame structure candidates for 5G TDD
  • 5G Synchronization requirements
  • PCI Planning
  • PRACH format selection and cell radius
  • Root Sequence Index planning and cell radius
  • Beamforming based on CSI-RS
  • Beamforming based on SRS
  • Tracking reference signals
  • Beam sweeping and proposed patterns
  • Linkbudget with beamforming
  • Indoor penetration high frequency bands
  • Planning of RAN notification areas
  • Dynamic spectrum sharing LTE/NR
  • Spectrum migration LTE/3G->NR
  • Migration from Option 3x to Option 2 + other options

Target audience

The course is aimed at radio-, development- and system engineers who need to understand the 5G Air Interface.


This course requires the participants to have experience/knowledge of LTE Radio Networks.

Course length

2 days


1.850 €