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LTE Executive Seminar

Course Description

The LTE Executive seminar presents technical and business drivers behind the 4th generation mobile system. Interworking and fallback scenarios with earlier mobile standards GSM and UMTS are discussed. In addition, the new regulatory guidelines are highlighted, as they bring a number of migration alternatives (spectrum re-farming). The seminar is relevant to strategic decision makers who require better understanding of 4G and its implications on the existing mobile business.


Trends and Drivers in the 4G development
  • Service portfolio and positioning
  • Abandoning Telephony for the Internet
  • Promises and expectations
Important Spectrum related issues
  • Spectrum Flexibility
  • Spectrum migration and re-farming of 2G and 3G spectrum
  • Bandwidth, capacity and coverage planning
The LTE system architecture
  • The major differences compared to UMTS
  • Migration vs. replacement of 3G systems
  • OFDMA radio interface
  • SON, Self Optimized Network
 Roaming, Mobility and Session management across LTE and GSM/UMTS
  • Handover scenarios between HSPA and LTE networks
  • VCC, Voice call continuity and CS fallback/interworking with UMTS
  • Multi-operator shared Radio Access Networks
  • Commonalities between LTE and HSPA evolution releases
Traffic Cases in LTE/EPS
  • Network registration – Initial procedure
  • Paging and Location update Procedures
  • Throughput calculations for LTE

Target audience

The target audience of this seminar is executives, strategic decision makers and other experienced professionals within the telecom community.


The participants should have experience from mobile operator business and good understanding and working experience from WCDMA and GSM Systems.

Course length

0,5-1 day


1.850 €