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UMTS Protocols and signalling procedures

Course Description

UMTS Protocols and Signalling Procedures is designed to provide a thorough understanding of  UTRAN functionality and operations. The nodes and different interfaces used by UTRAN to communicate over, the protocols used for signalling purposes and data transfer are described with the focus set on the air interface and Radio Network Layer Protocols. Traffic cases are used in order to analyse the procedures supported by UTRAN for paging, connection establishment, handover etc.


  • UMTS Network Architecture
  • UTRAN Architecture
    •  Nodes
    •  Identifiers
    •  Interfaces
    •  Planes
  • Layered Communication
    •  Principles
  • Codes
  • Cell Search
  • System Information Tx/ Rx
  • Mobility Management
  • Service Negotiation
Iu- interface
  • Control Plane RANAP
  • User Plane UP Protocol
  • AMR Example
Uu- interface
  • Protocol Termination
  • Physical Layer
    •  Physical channels
    •  Variable Bit-Rate support, Code usage and DTX
    •  Timeslot and Radio Frame Structure
    •  Transport Channels
  • Logical Channels
  • Media Access Control (MAC)
    •  Functionality
    •  Frame format
    •  Transport Channel Type
    •  Switching
  • Radio Link Control (RLC)
    •  Functionality
    •  Modes (Tr, UM, AM)
    •  Frame format
  • Packet Data Control Protocol
    •  (PDCP)
  • Radio Bearers
  • Signaling Radio Bearers
  • Radio Resource Control (RRC)
    •  Function and Procedures
    •  States and sub-states
  • Channel Mapping
  • AMR Example
Internal interfaces
  • Iub
    •  Control Plane – NBAP
    •  User Plane – Frame Protocols
  • Iur
    •  Control Plane – RNSAP
    •  User Plane – Frame Protocols
    • Traffic Case & Procedures
  • AMR Speech call Set-Up
  • Paging
  • Random Access
  • Soft Handover


      Target audience

      This course is developed for engineers in need to gain understanding of the signaling protocols and procedures in UMTS.


      The participants should be familiar with UMTS network architectures.

      Course length

      2 days


      1.950 €